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The programs below provide customers early access to Splunk's newest technologies and the ability to provide feedback directly to Splunk's Product Management and Engineering teams.

To learn more about a specific program, and to express interest in participating, please use the buttons below.

*Please note that for some programs, customer participation is limited and varies by program. We will contact you if you're accepted and as space permits.

Check out Splunk software release phases to learn more about our product lifecycle, and see definitions of preview, general availability, retired software.

Splunk Ideas

Splunk Ideas

Splunk Ideas is our platform that gives customers a voice to help Splunk make data driven decisions and shape Splunk’s products and services. The platform allows anyone in the Splunk Community to submit, vote and comment on enhancement requests (Ideas) and be involved in the product development process of these features.

Splunk Ideas

Submit, vote, and comment on enhancement requests (Ideas).


All Splunk Customers interested in providing feedback on our existing products and services.

Customer Advisory Boards

Customer Advisory Boards

As a member of Splunk's Product Advisory Boards, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback that will shape the development of Splunk products. Meeting agendas will include product demos, roadmap discussions, user discovery sessions and more.

Splunk Customer Advisory Boards

Influence the Splunk product roadmap by joining our customer advisory boards (CABs).


Technical user/practitioner level individuals who can provide candid feedback about any of Splunk’s products



Get access to early-stage products and features! Test Splunk's newest technologies and share your experience in feedback sessions with Splunk's Product Management and Engineering teams. If a program below has a “public preview” tag, an application is not required. If you meet the requirements, click “Access Now” to begin testing and providing feedback.

SPL2 Public Beta for Application Development

Introducing... SPL2 in Splunk Enterprise! Build applications using SPL2 by shipping SPL2 module files to power advanced analytics and data transformation, and run SPL2 searches to save as dashboards and reports / alerts. Developers can author SPL2 modules in the Splunk Extension for Visual Studio Code using capabilities such as views, imports/exports, native JSON handling, custom commands and eval functions, lambda expressions, and more to make applications more powerful than ever before.


App developers and Splunk partners who want to uplevel their existing apps, or create new, next-generation apps; and Splunk admins or developers familiar with app topology, who want to create custom in-house apps to granularly control use case segmentation or data access.

Splunk AI Assistant (Cloud Version)

The newest version of the Splunk AI Assistant (preview) harnesses the power of GPUs to bring you an even better experience searching your data in plain English. Write a prompt of what you want to search in plain English, and the Splunk AI Assistant translates the request into Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL) that you can execute or build on, all within a familiar Splunk interface. The Splunk AI Assistant also explains SPL with a summary and a detailed breakdown of the search.


Cloud customers in US-East who seek an in-product chat experience to better secure data rather than use a 3rd-party service. This application is great for existing users who are not SPL experts, users new to Splunk and existing users who want to onboard new team members onto Splunk.

Private Spacebridge

Private Spacebridge is a version of Spacebridge that can be deployed directly within a customer’s Kubernetes cluster to connect Splunk Connected Experience devices in closed networks.


Customers who are familiar with Kubernetes and Helm

Splunk AI Assistant First Generation (Search Head Version)

Allows users to write english prompts to output SPL queries; reduces the learning curve to benefit from the power of SPL. Cloud users in US-EAST should consider our newest release, Spunk AI Assistant (Cloud Version).


Users starting out with Splunk. Users who know SPL but want to write complex SPL queries without spending too much time in docs or trial and error

Splunk Cloud on Azure

Splunk Cloud Platform, Enterprise Security, and IT Service Intelligence - are now natively hosted on Microsoft Azure, allowing customers to be closer to their data


Customers with a significant Azure footprint

Configuration Assistant in Splunk ITSI

Configuration Assistant for ML-Assisted Thresholding


Existing ITSI customers who are using Service Insights and have permissions to configure KPI thresholds.

Splunk Enterprise 9.3 Beta Program

We are pleased to announce the availability of Splunk Enterprise 9.3 Beta. We welcome interested users to apply to this exciting beta program and give feedback directly to Product & Engineering!


All customers, partners, developers and users are eligible to apply.

Splunk Cloud OTLP Log Ingestion

Splunk Cloud simplifies your logs, metrics and traces onboarding by allowing you to use a single OpenTelemetry collector to collect all data types through OTLP protocol.


Splunk Cloud customers who wish to onboard logs through OTLP protocol.

Splunk Ingest Processor

Splunk Ingest Processor is a new capability on Splunk Cloud Platform that provides customers with pre-processing and data transformation capabilities - filter, mask, transform and route - after data ingest to Splunk platform and before indexing. The value to customers - further refinement in data management supports granularity in data tiering and cost optimization.


Splunk Cloud Customers (with Victoria experience) in US East region